Picking a college major and minor is important, as they are the formal declaration of a desired career path. Usually, students take at least 30 credit hours to earn their majors and a minimum of 18 to earn a minor. Most courses are three or four credits, so minors usually include five or six additional courses.


The Computer Science Minor is for undergraduate students who anticipate that computer science will have a prominent role to play in their academic and 

CS Minors are expected to take CS courses during off-peak sessions. Course Access & Request Policy; CS Minors are limited to five (5) CS courses and no more. CS Minor Requirements Minor in Computer Science: CSCI-UA.0101 Intro to Computer Science prerequisite: CSCI-UA.0002 or CSCI-UA.0003 or This minor requires a certain amount of knowledge in CS (which may or may not be acquired at Cornell). This requirement is best conveyed in terms of the following two groups of CS courses: (A) All 4000 or 5000-level courses except Practicums (e.g., 4121, 4321, 4411, 4621, 4701, 5121, 5321, 5431, 5621) CS Minor Computer Science Minor – A minor consists of Computer Science 202, 215, 220 and at least nine hours of 300-level Computer Science coursework..

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Prerequisite Courses. None. Required  The Minor in Computer Science helps students prepare to make effective use of computers in their careers. It may be particularly attractive to students from  (These are typically students who have taken CSC 250 as non-majors and then transfer into the CS major or add the CS minor.) Standards for Minors.

Completion of a CS minor, with a well-selected set of classes, can serve as good preparation for further study in CS through our 2-semester Master of Engineering (M.Eng.) program or our 4-semester Master of Science program. The CS Minor is designed for students in all undergraduate schools and colleges.

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For questions about waiving and petitioning requirements, contact Danielle Hoversten. Required Prerequisites A Computer Science Minor is a great way to expand your skill set. You can complement some basic programming courses with courses covering a wide variety of topics.

Because computing permeates nearly every profession, a minor in Computer Science is ideal for almost any major. Computer knowledge and skills can enhance employment opportunities for almost any major. You must take at least 19 credits of Computer Science (CS) courses (effective 2018-2019 academic year) to earn your minor degree in Computer Science.


2021-04-09 · The Computer Science Minor is a cross-college minor available to all UVM students. General: The requirements are 18 credit hours of Computer Science to include nine credit hours at the 100 level or above. Declaring a CS Minor. Students requesting a Computer Science Minor must have completed CS 112 Introduction to Computer Programming or CS 211 Object-Oriented Programming with a grade of B or better. Policies Grades. No more than 3 credits of D grades may be used to satisfy requirements for the Computer Science Minor.
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A grade of C is required in all courses that are applied to the Beginning with the class that matriculated at Duke in 2019, the requirements below define the BS degree. The classes that matriculated in 2016, 2017, and 2018 can use either these new requirements or the previous requirements. To add, drop, or change a major, minor, certificate, or concentration, please complete the form on this page. Minor in Computer Science Declaring the Minor. To declare for the minor in Computer Science, you will need to submit a Undergraduate Minor declaration form.

This page serves as a general guideline for all matters related to applying for a CS Minor. Please read it in full before contacting the CS minor advisor and make sure to follow the template below when emailing the CS minor advisor. 2021-03-23 · The Europe Minor Championship - London 2018 is the last of the four Minors for the FACEIT Major: London 2018 being held in the Twickenham Stadium, with 8 teams competing to qualify to the Major and for a share of the $50,000 USD prize pool.
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share. Satisfy the total MC requirement (of 24) by taking CS-coded modules at level-3000 and 4000. Note: A minimum 16 MCs of the Minor requirements must be graded and factored into the CAP. The other 8 MCs may be earned through credit transfers, advanced placement, exemptions and CS-graded modules.

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New Requirements for the Minor (24units) - Effective Fall 2021 Required Courses (15 units) CS 2011 Introduction to Programming I (4) CS 2012 Introduction to Programming II (4) Jump to navigation Skip to content

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When it comes to tech careers, a computer science minor is one of the best ones to have under your belt. Not only do CS minors help explain some of the theory behind modern programming and computation, but they also help you delve deeper into how computer software works.

The Minor in Computer Science consists of 24 Credit Hours distributed as follows: 1‐ Core Courses (21 Credit  Requirements for a Computer Science minor. Useful for students with a major in a technical field. Course List. Code, Title, Semester Hours. CS 105, COMP SCI  Computer Science (CS) addresses the interaction of humans and computers as well as the application of computing to a myriad of goals. The CS minor may be  Requirements for a Minor in Computer Science CS 355 Data Structures and Algorithms.

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